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01 ноября 2017, 15:54

Ninja Ghostbusters: It’s Just Two Things!

I like weird combinations in my collectibles. Right now on my desk is a Linkin Park-themed G1 Soundwave and a vinyl figure of Twilight Sparkle riffing on Solid Snake. They’re usually deep cut collectibles, available at cons or through specific sites but not readily available at retail. Ninja Ghostbusters should fit that profile, but they’re available at Target.

Ninja Ghostbusters is Playmates’ mash-up of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Ghostbusters. They’re six-inch figures of the four Ninja Turtles dressed as the four original Ghostbusters. Playmates sent me the full set of four, and I am simply amazed by them. Because, as straightforward as they are, they’re really, really weird.

The Turtles’ respective Ghostbuster roles all fit. Michaelangelo as the joker is Venkman. Donatello as the brains is Egon. Leonardo as the straight man is Ray. Raphael as the streetwise everyman is Winston.

These are really impressively detailed figures. Every contour and seam of their jumpsuits is molded, along with their boots, gloves, and hair. Their hair. These Ninja Turtles have hair. And instead of visible shells, they all have jumpsuits clearly stretched over the contours of shells on their back. And their gloves are big, heavy black vinyl gloves, just put on those big stubby three-fingered Ninja Turtle hands. And their feet are huge, stompy boots for Ninja Turtle feet, but with detailed lacing and soles.

When you hear of a concept like Ninja Ghostbusters, the obvious assumption is the Ninja Turtles dressed up like Ghostbusters. There have been hundreds of action figures where the turtles dress like different weird things. They put on some goofy helmet and have some themed accessories, and they’re suddenly samurai or cyber or sports or surfing turtles. But that isn’t the case with the Ninja Ghostbusters, because I genuinely can’t tell whether they’re supposed to be the Ninja Turtles dressed like Ghostbusters or the Ghostbusters in elaborate fursuits as the Ninja Turtles.

Look at their heads. Big, weird, round, but with upsettingly detailed and molded hair. Mikey has a freaking widow’s peak. Raph has a mustache. And while it might be really subtle considering they don’t have noses, but I swear I see some facial features and similar head structures between the turtles and their respective Ghostbusters actors. Raph has Ernie Hudson’s slightly narrower eyes. Donatello’s skull has a Harold Ramis-like height to it. Mikey’s head is a bit rounder and with fuller cheeks, like Bill Murray. I don’t see a ton of similarity between Leo and Dan Akroyd, but I wouldn’t bet against him possessing at least one crystal skull filled with alcohol.

They also don’t have anything remotely ninja-like in terms of equipment beyond their masks. Instead of signature weapons, they all have nearly identical proton packs and wands, PK readers, and traps. Their respective proton wands have cores of their respective colors, but that’s it. These aren’t ninjas. These are Ghostbusters who happen to be turtles.

I’m utterly baffled and fascinated by these Ninja Ghostbusters figures. They’re not the strangest figures I’ve ever seen (I mean, I’ve been to Japan), but they might be the strangest ones I’ve seen that you can buy at Target. They’re such an oddly balanced amalgam of Ninja Turtles and Ghostbusters, leaning away from the usual wackiness of themed Ninja Turtles figures for a set that seems to be a straight Ghostbusters homage. It’s just so strange.

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